Rubber hose is used in heavy work

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Super Artey hydraulic hose - hydraulic high level hydraulic hose product series;Designed for coal mining used hydraulic machinery hydraulic machinery as well as military and oil hydraulic machinery design, as well as resistance to high pressure hose, high pulse, and high temperature resistant, cold resistant design such as strict conditions, at the same time more and conveying special fluid medium, such as acid and alkali.The majority of high-end customers agree that super Artey hydraulic hose series is a safe and reliable high quality hydraulic hose.Besides, this series of hydraulic hose can provide professional supporting products such as hydraulic pipe drum and sheath, and has reached a longer hose service life.The product strictly implements domestic and international hydraulic standards, and has been subjected to rigorous testing. The hydraulic tubing of excavator is the special hydraulic tubing in the hydraulic system of the excavator, and there are two kinds of hydraulic tubing and hydraulic tubing of the hydraulic pipe.Classification: excavator large arm pipe, excavator small arm hydraulic tubing, pilot tube, broken hammer hydraulic hose, etc.;Parameters: high temperature resistance, high pressure, high pulse, etc.Features: operating temperature range: - 40℃ to 100 ℃.Pulse frequency: more than 600, 000 pulses.Maximum working pressure: 42.5Mpa.Life span: more than 3 years.Because of its poor working environment and working content, the crushing hammer requires the driver of the excavator to choose the broken hammer pipe with suitable price and performance.

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