High pressure air pipe use case

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The high-pressure air pipe is mainly used for high-pressure air transportation, compressors, etc. In 2015, our company established a cooperative relationship with large shipyards with a capacity of 10,000 meters per year. The long-term supply of air pipes, hydraulic pipes, etc., raw materials, nitrile rubber and traditional rubber pipes It has obvious aging resistance, and it will not appear to be evenly cracked on the surface after being used outdoors for more than five years. The air tube is suitable for all kinds of power machinery and pneumatic tools to deliver compressed air, water or inert gas at normal temperature. Features: The hose skeleton layer is made of chemical fiber weaving, winding, and the tube body is durable and has high pressure. Meet customers in harsh environments. The company supplies high-pressure and corrosion-resistant air pipes for use in highly corrosive environments and meets pressure requirements. It also meets company requirements in terms of safety.

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