Pipe for mud processing equipment in Africa

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The customer is a manufacturer of mud processing equipment, and its main customers are the following industries. Mines: iron ore mud dewatering, gold mud dewatering, ceramic polishing sludge, ceramic raw materials, bauxite tail mud, washing plant mud dewatering, quartz sand sludge Construction: sand washing mud, piling sludge, river sludge, sand processing mud, sand sludge, construction sand sludge, pickled steel tail mud, artificial marble, stone polishing sludge dewatering. This is one of the piling shield customer site cases Length: 4~10m, inner diameter 150mm, pressure 20KG Medium: Shield and piling mud, with 25% sand content and 5mm maximum granules in the pipe; the pipe is the supply pipe connecting the slurry pump and the brigade. Because the material is irregular, it requires wear resistance; it is currently designed for this customer. The customer has been working continuously for 1.5 years without replacement.

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